Welcome to Infocouncil's home page.

Infocouncil is a specialised software package for managing council agendas and minutes.

Some business processes are made for computers. They gain so much from automation that you wonder how you ever managed before. The creation of agendas and minutes is like this. High in volume, repetitious and labour intensive, it virtually begs for automation.

And that's where we come in. We have made it our mission to develop and market a package for managing council meeting documents. Infocouncil is the result of our efforts.

Infocouncil came about when we saw:

  • That this was an area of the market not served well by the software industry
  • That it was a perfect complement to our core skills
  • That it was a good fit with a company of our size

So we set about developing a package to solve the problem. Infocouncil is an automated, integrated office productivity tool for the creation, publication and storage of council meeting documents. Having been in development since 2001, Infocouncil has gained widespread acceptance and is being used by hundreds of councils, from small to large, in both metropolitan and regional areas.

Infocouncil incorporates the latest technologies and provides valuable economies of scale to the Local Government sector.

A Note for our New Zealand Readers

'Business Papers' is a widely used Australian expression meaning 'agendas and minutes'. It seems that this is less familiar in the land of the long white cloud. We use the expression extensively in this web site.